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About Us

Awkward Media is a collective of free spirited creatives,
hardcore coders, media buyers and data specialists
who are united by one cause: Your business

data driven human-centric approach

We are a Canadian-based and an award-winning marketing agency. Every day, our diverse team strives to inspire creativity and drive innovation on all digital platforms for all our clients.

We are a performance-driven marketing agency that works with small businesses, B2B, B2C, E-Commerce businesses, and large businesses to deliver growth, quality leads, and brand awareness.

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We are performance marketing company that works with brands, retailers, and B2B companies to deliver rapid and profitable business growth through their online and ecommerce channels.

Why Clients Work With Us

Senior marketing executives, founders, and digital marketing teams come to us when:

They are under pressure to achieve rapid growth in key business metrics or need to turn a business around.

Don't have a grip on the overall effectiveness of their current set of strategies and tactics and seek to rebuild a holistic approach to digital marketing.

Are frustrated with their current marketing partners and are looking for a fully transparent and accountable partner willing to put skin in the game.

Facing threats from industry disruptors, new entrants, and competitors who are significantly ahead in their digital marketing programs.

Are looking to disrupt an industry and punch above their weight class against heavily capitalized but slow-moving competition.

Why We're Different

We left large advertising networks to provide clients with a more systematic and accountable partner.

A Systematic & Methodical Approach To Performance

Our proprietary bottom-up system codifies best-practices and proven tactics across all digital marketing channels while layering in traditional media. This helps to improve marketing yield while driving significant growth.


Our clientele are billed directly for investments in media and production so that they have clarity into where each dollar is going and receive maximum value. No media or production mark ups - we focus on performance.

Performance Based

In cases where measurability is clear, we tie up a portion of our compensation in hitting specific performance metrics for clients. This ensures a high level of accountability and focuses on both winning and losing together with our clients.

Who We Are

Other. is led by a small team with diverse backgrounds from large agency networks. The leadership team at Other. works closely with executive teams and marketing teams to bring big agency thinking to mid-size businesses in a more compact and agile manner.

Kat Wong

Kat applies analytical rigor and a data-first approach to strategically allocate 360° media investments for clients. Kat has planned and executed large and small-scale brand and acquisition programs in many industries including the pharmaceuticals, hospitality, telecommunications and automotive categories during her tenure at both the WPP and Publicis Groupe agency networks.

Matt Jenkins

Matt applies a detail-oriented, foundation-up approach to marketing programs. Matt is experienced in a number of digital channels, while his specializations are in the area of overall digital strategy and search engine marketing. Previously, Matt worked on clients in all major industries during his tenure at GroupM, part of the WPP global network.

Nick Moretta

Nick develops a deep understanding of internal business conditions, market pressures, and a client’s overall strategic vision. He works to build and execute strong communication programs while developing enjoyable and strategically sound business relationships. Previously, Nick worked within the Publicis Groupe network and across a number of entrepreneurial ventures.

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Awkward Media
is built on the freedom of imagination, teamwork and
the joy of a job
well done.

A digital experience agency fueled on talent, artistic flair and unconventional ideas.













At Lion Marketing Agency, we believe in creating long-lasting partnerships and relationships instead of classifying everyone as just another client. We understand the importance of being 100% transparent with any partner and keeping you in the loop 24/7.

Why Do Businesses Partner With Us?

Senior marketing executives, founders, and digital marketing teams come to us when:

Frustrated on the inability to build their online presence and not knowing where/how to start

Unaware of how effective social media branding, campaigns, and finding the right target audience online can indeed be.

Worried about their competitors taking over the digital space and getting left behind.

Fed up with their current marketing agency and looking for a transparent partner who will consistently keep them up-to-date.

Ready to take their business to the next level and compete with the best of the best online

Why Are We Unique?

Our communication is world-class with every partnership. Daily communication and weekly update videos to keep you in the loop with everything going on with your business online. 

We are result-driven and focused on building momentum for your online presence.

We educate all our partners on all processes, and you will make the final decision before anything is set in stone.

Every partnership is on a non-contract policy. We genuinely believe in our ability to take your business to new heights; no long-term contracts needed.

We left large advertising networks to provide clients with a more systematic and accountable partner.

The Importance of Design 

We believe that great design creates excellent content. It’s essential to make sure that whether it’s your website, social media posts, and ads, that you have great visual designs and copy. Design and innovation one of the many steps to generating leads, gaining more followers, and increasing brand awareness on all platforms. 


We believe that transparency with our partners is essential. We will give you monthly update videos on everything digital marketing related to your business/brand. We’ll go through the analytics with you and always be 100% transparent.

We Focus on Performance

Every partner has different ideal performance metrics they need to hit. That’s why we’re here. We keep ourselves accountable and ensure that we’re hitting your targeting goals but always exceeding them.


Our team focuses on performance, results, and consistent innovation to help your business grow in the digital space. 


Founder/Marketing Director


Director of Operations


Content Manager


Ad Manager


Head of Growth


Branding Specialist


Creative Manager


Website Developer

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