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Enriched Academy

Our partner recognizes that everyone deserves financial awareness and has redefined the effectiveness of financial education by combining reliable information with an entertaining and engaging learning program.

They are one of the top deals ever made of the hit show Dragon’s Den in Season 7 with Bruce Croxon and Jim Treliving.

They want to educate as many Canadians on financial literacy and provide a roadmap for financial freedom.

Their goal was to grow engagement rate above the industry average of 0.25% per post and grow our community (followers) using educational and shareable content to get them to sign up for FREE Live Webinar.

Our Role: To Create a Content Strategy (6 months to 1 year) that will focus on educating Canadians on the different ways to become financial aware and build a foundation for long-term wealth.

After running the 3 month content strategy we made for them,Enriched Academy had 48,679 ORGANIC reaches without paying. An increase of 7,613 engaging NEW followers. An average engagement rate of 2.1%.