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The Value of SMART Advertising

OHHHHHH but there is much MORE that they are missing out on:

Advertising in today's world has been revolutionized into much more than traditional means. The value of reaching new heights of customer leads has more than tripled with new techniques that businesses' have yet to adopt.

Yes, traditional advertising can still be effective, however, the prospective clients are getting younger and more addicted to digital means of accessing all sorts of media. Learning to effectively adopt these new strategies will help individuals and businesses grow and reach their goals much faster than any other means.

In order to make sure your advertising budget is not going to waste, you must adopt the SMART system. YES,  you have heard of this acronym before but be assured it works really well in the world of advertising. Here is a breakdown;

Specific: The advertising must contain the direct message the prospective clients should hear. It must be creative and eye catching but stick to the goal in hand; to create customer leads. For example, as a restaurant owner, the advertising should focus on giving away coupons and having your special in the background.

Measurable: The advertisement must be able to gain at LEAST 20 % return in customer leads, if less, scrap the ad, and create another one. If the advertisement reaches, for example, 40,000 people in a specific area, 8000 should at least click on the ad or engage with it in any way.

Attainable: Before running an advertising campaign, the business/individual must set a range of reach they want to attract. This allows the advertising provider, Facebook, Google Adsense, and etc. to focus the campaign on specific group and effectively run an attainable ad.  

Relevant: The advertisement must be focused on the type of clients the business wants to attract. This means, a deep marketing research must be completed before running the advertisement. If you are a hair salon business, your advertisement should be focused on females, in the age group of 12-65, since majority of the customer base fits in that segmented market.

Time: The length of an advertisement campaign will be determined by the budget at hand and the engagement of prospective clients. However, even with a limited budget, choosing a right time to run the campaign can be really effective. For example, Starbucks runs their happy hour ads during the weekday when people finish their day around late afternoon because of the need to refuel with a drink before the evening.


When applying these steps into an advertising campaign, the level of prospective clients will increase drastically increase. These steps will work on all types of internet marketing providers such as Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, Twitter Ads, Yelp Ads, Google Ads, Bing Ads, and many more. If you currently are running an ad campaigns, please follow this strategy and see immediate change.

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